Steve Hanson is a writer, speaker, audio editor, entrepreneur, and owner of

Hanson Creative Services. 

He likes to stay between the lines, but he thinks outside the box, so clients should

expect the unexpected. 


But fear not, good people...

Excellence, here, is the rule,

not the exception. 


Simply put, Steve takes the ordinary, and makes it the extraordinary. 


So, scroll on, and see what Hanson Creative Services can

do for you.


Speech is power:

speech is to persuade,

to convert, to compel.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Where there are
words, there is magic.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which
it is impossible to be silent.
~Victor Hugo



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"Why Hire a Motivational Speaker for Your Conference."
By Reggie Rivers

Enjoying a little bit of the great outdoors at Willow River State Park, in beautiful Hudson, Wisconsin. Here I am at the Falls, and despite a couple of close calls, I never went in the drink.



When we hired Steve to handle our entertainment and MC duties, we didn’t know what to expect. Now after 9 years of hosting our event, our guests request his presence and his talents come in a close second only to the fireworks. Steve’s professionalism, humor, and overall personality has made him vital in the success of our event. It would be difficult, if not impossible to do this event without him.

~Ken Schroeder: Thunder Over Elk Creek

Steve was great to work with. He listened to my ideas and what I wanted. He was organized, creative, and funny! I would recommend him for future events!

~Kerri N., Planner and attendee: Neil and Lynda's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Steve, thanks for the awesome work you do. Your  playlist for our wedding was way better than we expected. You have a great knack for public speaking, and an amazing style that fits all ages. Kudos to you for the great music list & memories on our special day. 

~Thomas Olson: Groom


As a talk radio personality, one thing I’m good at is talking. Unfortunately, one of my areas where I lack abilities, is to put into words what I’m thinking. While working on a new bio, and updating my website, I quickly realized that I needed help. One of the only people I choose to work with when it comes to creative writing, is Steve Hanson from Hanson Creative Services. Steve sat with me with pen and paper in hand and started to explore my vision. He looked at my past work, and had a few questions, and within 24 hours, he established a rough draft. To say I was pleased with his work would be an understatement. He articulated myself and my program brilliantly. I couldn’t recommend enough the services of Steve Hanson and Hanson Creative Services.

~Rocci Stucci, Host of "The Situation Room",


I was amazed how adding music to fireworks changed the whole show. It was by far the most exciting show I have seen. Steve did a fantastic job of entertaining an all-ages crowd. Great time!

~Stacey B.,  Attendee: Thunder Over Elk Creek


Steve was referred to us by a friend for our wedding music. We gave him a list of songs for the pre-wedding, wedding and reception. Steve did a fantastic job mixing our songs, with a few of his suggestions. The songs had a natural flow from one song to the next as well as favorites for all age groups.  He did an amazing job interacting with our guests throughout the day. He is very personable and accommodating. I highly recommend Steve for your future event. 

~ Trisha Olson: Bride

The drive to Thunder Over Elk Creek was almost two hours, one way. I'm so glad we made the trip. Steve was the announcer pre- and post-show, and did a wonderful job. He was extremely funny, and had great interaction with the crowd. Also, the production of the music synched up with the fireworks was absolutely amazing. Well worth the drive.

~Shelly W., Attendee: Thunder Over Elk Creek


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